Exciting times are on the horizon

as we prepare to embark on a grand transformation
of our taproom in January 2024.

With a history dating back to an impressive liquor license granted in 1870, our taproom stands as a true testament to its enduring significance within our community.

In this new chapter, we are wholeheartedly committed to paying homage to the pub’s rich history, as captivating as the diverse clientele who have graced our doors over the years.

Our taproom is about to undergo a remarkable evolution. Expect an expanded selection of craft beers with rotating taps that promise to introduce you to a diverse array of flavours. Of course, we will continue to serve the classic drops you know and love, alongside an extensive range of non-alcoholic beverages. This ensures that every guest, whether they prefer a pint or a mocktail, can find a drink that perfectly suits their taste.

As we dive into this exciting project, our commitment to preserving the pub’s unique character and heritage remains unwavering. Throughout the renovation, you will discover carefully curated touches that pay homage to the past, ensuring that the warmth of cherished memories continues to fill our space.

But the excitement doesn’t end with the renovation. Even during this transformative period, our beer garden will remain open all summer long. We have exciting plans for pop-up bars and thrilling events to ensure that no one goes thirsty!

As we gear up for this new chapter in the history of our taproom, we cordially invite you to join us on this incredible journey of transformation and renewal. In 2024, we are determined to create a taproom that celebrates our past, embraces the present, and eagerly anticipates an exciting future.

The memories we’ve created over the years are truly priceless, and we can’t wait to continue building on them as we introduce you to the bigger and better taproom that awaits. Keep an eye out for updates as we draw closer to our renovation date, and rest assured, we’re enthusiastic about welcoming you to a new era of warmth, hospitality, and great times.

Cheers to the memories we’ve cherished and to the countless new memories that lie ahead.