An Exclusive Collaboration Lunch

with bright brewery


$120 per person

Embark on a journey of taste and elevation as Bright Brewery joins forces with The Notting Hill Hotel, the ultimate destination for exceptional beer experiences!

Join us from 12:30pm on Saturday, July 13th.

Limited release brews await, each meticulously crafted amidst the majesty of the mountains. Elevate your senses with a sharing four-course menu, carefully curated by our Head Chef Andy and expertly designed to harmonise with each delicious beer.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavours as you savour the alchemy of hops and haute cuisine.
Joined by the musical talents of Tim Watson from the band Taxiride, it’s not an event to miss!

Secure your spot now for this epic occasion at $120 per ticket, and let this epic collab transport you to the peak of beer and culinary excellence!